Generac Backup Batteries

Protect Your Home In Case Of An Outage With Stored Solar Energy.
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Never Be In The Dark In Fayetteville, NC

Keep your Fayetteville home safe in case of a power outage with a Generac PWRcell battery. Enjoy a backup power source that will help a portion of your home continue running if the grid goes down! POWERHOME SOLAR has partnered with Generac Power Systems to make solar power more reliable than ever. Pair your solar panels with a Generac solar backup battery to add protection for your home in case of power outages3 and potentially save on your electric bill.

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How Does A Generac Solar Battery Backup Work?

What It Does

Generac battery backup systems keep unused power from your solar panels to be used during a power outage or at night when your solar panels don’t generate any electricity.

How It Works

Solar panels can only power your home while the sun is out so when solar energy isn’t enough the grid fills the gaps. However, during a power outage, you lose that grid connection. By storing excess solar energy inside your battery, you can power portions of your home independent of the grid through your battery backup.

What It Means For You

POWERHOME SOLAR recommends bundling a Generac battery backup with your solar panel system to get the most return on your investment. Watch the video to see how it works.

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Customize Your Generac Battery Backup 

Your home has unique battery backup needs. To accommodate this, Generac has four power modes, each of which is designed for different scenarios. Read on to see how you can customize your battery backup power.

Clean Backup Mode

Clean Backup Mode sends all of the energy created by your solar panels directly to your backup battery. This keeps the battery at 100% capacity so that in case of an outage, you have as much energy as possible to power your home.

Self-Supply Mode

With this mode, you can store excess energy in your battery to use at a later time. When your battery reaches 100%, it sends excess energy back to the grid. 

Priority Backup Mode

This is similar to Clean Backup Mode, except you also can use power from the grid to bring your battery to full capacity.

Grid Mode

Grid mode is meant for when you don’t have a battery attached to your solar system. When you add one, that’s where the three other modes come in handy.

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Where Will My Generac Battery Backup System Live?

Your Generac backup battery system will be installed outside your home. The location depends on your architecture but it can be against a wall in your garage or mounted on the side of your home. The battery will also be protected by a cover shield so that it can withstand any inclement weather as well!

About Generac

Generac is a world-renowned company that provides generators, power washers and batteries. Since 1959, Generac continues to present innovative generator technology by introducing automatic transfer switches, portable technology and more. Today, Generac is the #1 brand in residential backup generators. 

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